Cameras & More...

Cameras & More...

CAM PHOTO & IMAGING has over 25 years of experience in Photography and Imaging. Located in Burbank, California, we offer a variety of services for the budding amateur or serious professional. We aim to provide our customers with the right tools for the job, present the very best in emerging technologies, and provide our patrons with the best prices around. Please contact us at (818) 841-5011 or follow us on Twitter or Facebook for daily updates and exclusive deals. 

Meet the professionals

Meet the professionals

We are your full service Photo & Camera store!

Store Hours:

Mon-Fri 9am-6pm  

Sat 9am-5pm 

Sunday Closed  

**SPECIAL ** Free memory card and camera case with purchase of select Canon or   Panasonic DSLR.***************

We have FUN cameras and stuff as gifts for your project!!

Select filters, batteries, hoods, film, remotes, and flashes!  Instant IMPOSSIBLE film in stock!

Film, paper, cameras (film and digital), darkroom supplies, and mount boards are waiting for you!

Memory cards, readers, batteries and chargers for most cameras - film or digital!

****Digital Photos printed while you wait.****                            


Prepare to Go See the World!

PASSPORT photos for most countries, even Canada, are taken daily for your travel preparations. 

DIGITAL CAMERAS make Great Gifts for everyone-- point & shoot or a DSLR; even film cameras are loved!!!!

CAM -- Cameras and More

B&W film in stock-- Kodak, Ilford, Cinestill, & Arista !     ISO 50-3200. 

Fuji Film FP100c  and FP3000b in stock still at lowest prices!!!!


IMPOSSIBLE FilmGen 2.0 (color & B&W) for your  Pol 600, SX70 & Sprecta cameras in stock.    

    Impossible I-1 cameras at      LOW prices NOW in store .  

Instax instant print cameras and film are now in stock at low prices and make great gifts.

Used cameras make great gifts too.

Film developing for B&W and Color films:

Develop only $9.95.              Scan to disk as low as         $5.99 at time of developing.                             Prints also available.            Takes about 2 business days if dropped off by 10am weekdays. *Prices vary by service requested and film size.             


Developing, prints and scanning available.

Seamless background paper in stock popular colors.