• Camera & equipment repairs
  • Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • Camera sensor cleaning
  • Video Tapes Digitized (no copyright protected material)
  • Movie film to DVD transfers (no copyright protected material)
  • Audio Tape to digital format (no copyright protected material)
  • Prints made from prints
  • Printing from digital and film sources
  • Film developing — color and black & white
  • Negative, slide and print scanning and archiving
  • Film developing, printing and scanning and archiving
  • Copyrighted material in any form will not be transferred without written permission of the legal copyright owner
  • PASSPORT PHOTOS for most countries, even Canada!
  • Slide shows
  • Photo restorations
  • Calendars
  • Greeting Cards
  • Digital photo recovery from memory cards
  • Photo books
  • Consignment Service: bring in your used equipment and let us take care of selling your product in our store
  • BorrowLenses: pick-up and drop-off location
  • Slide, negative and print archiving
  • Video tapes archived to digital
  • Movie film digitized–  Regular 8, Super 8, & 16mm


Photos for PASSPORTS  and VISAS are taken

Tues. – Friday 9am – 5:30pm & Sat 9am — 4:30pm


We take photos for most countries’ applications including Canada, European and Asian nations as well as the United States!

Photos taken at CAM Photo can be used for Passport or Visa or Pass applications.

It is helpful if you can bring with you the most current foreign requirements for the photos you need.

We recommend wearing a non- white top as it may blend into the background.

Uniform tops and tops with logo or advertising cannot be worn for these photos.

Click here for US passport photo requirements.



Passport Photo

Acceptable— Photo is clear and in color, reproduces skin tones accurately, and is properly exposed with no shadows



From time to time , CAM Photo hosts a camera equipment buying event by KEH.

KEH will be at CAM Photo soon!  No date set yet.

Bring in all of the equipment you no longer want or need and sell it to KEH – get a check right on the spot.   Its’s just that easy.

Usually CAM Photo will take in used equipment on a trade toward other merchandise or sell it for you on a consignment basis.

We look forward to seeing you here COME EARLY!!!!!!!!