CAM Photo proudly sells a variety of films for everyone’s uses.

We proudly sell film in 35mm, 120 , 4×5, 620, 110 sizes as well as ONE-TIME-USE Disposable cameras.

Color and Black & white.

KODAK, FUJICOLOR, ILFORD, CINESTILL and other films.  Cinestill 800 now in stock!

***Disposable cameras are now in stock- Kodak  and Fuji with flash and Kodak and Fuji Waterproof as well.  Check our prices–pretty cheap!****

Portra 400 35mm now in stock too!


FILM DEVELOPING is available for your film as well as extra prints and enlargements and digital images scans.

We also develop DISPOSABLE CAMERAs and 110 film!


To improveand be creative with your photos, CAM Photo sells Filters for your SLR and DSLR lenses in large variety of sizes..

To name a few: UV, Polarizers, Colors, Cross Screen, ND filter.

Bring your lens in so we can fit the correct size.